Art by courtesy of Kayla Swafford

Art courtesy of Kayla Swafford

of Beaufort, SC


We are passionate about empowering families and children by solidifying their strengths and helping them thrive through life’s difficult challenges. Through mindful, family-centered therapeutic care provided in the most optimal environment, Thrive seeks to help children and their loved ones manage difficult behaviors and symptoms to enhance the family’s wellbeing and ensure they reach their maximum potential.


Thrive was born after many years of providing traditional supports to children, adolescents, adults and families and the emergence of one prevailing theme among many of the families who surrendered to these services. At times, behaviors and symptoms that affect families most need to speak for themselves and there is no replacement to directly observing a family in their own home. The wealth of information obtained through a family loving and living together without any reservations provides the most suitable and comfortable environment for positive change. Thrive exists to provide the best counseling services available in the family’s most relaxed setting. Equally important is our goal to assist families that would traditionally encounter difficulty gaining access to these services due to socioeconomic or cultural barriers. We seek to make our community a healthier and happier place one child and one family at a time.